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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

150mm ptfe hose bend radius

Raceworks 240 Series Black Nylon Braid over PTFE Hose

Raceworks 240 Series Black Nylon Braided PTFE hose is constructed from a PTFE inner tube that is compatible with all fuels, oils, nitrous including brake and clutch fluids. The PTFE tube has a black lightweight outer cover that is durable, and resistant to abrasion and expansion. The Raceworks 220 Series Hose is the best option for use on fuel systems as it won’t allow the permeation of fuel

Thorburn Flex Inc

Thorburn’s PTFE hose asselies are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to provide safe and cost effective solutions. Thorburn offers fast re-sponse assely capability, using ad-vanced hose assely and testing tech-niques to ensure rapid delivery service. incredible 2 X ID Bend Radius

Snakle hose | Tube/Hose | Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Snakle hose. Tube/Hose. RoHS Directive. Overview. With our original molding method, flexibility is added to the fluoroplastic hose. The bending radius is therefore small, and it is suitable for the use where piping flexibility is required. We manufacture I series with a spiral shape and S series with a continuous independent mountain shape.

PTFE Hose - Goodyear Rubber Products

PAGE S40 Series hose is manufactured as above, however, with a minimum wall thickness of .040†esulting in 33% more PTFE than other manufacturers. The additional tubing thickness provides an improved bend radius, greater kink resistance and decreased gas permeation. S40 (Natural) & S40B (Conductive) PTFE Heavy Wall with Stainless Steel Braid.

PTFE HOSE - Hoseflex

Min. Bend Radius Working Pressure Burst Pressure inch mm mm mm kPa bar kPa bar PTFE-UHP-06 1/4’’ 6.20 12.30 38 47500 475 190000 1900 PTFE-UHP-08 5/16’’ 8.10 14.20 47 45000 450 180000 1800 PTFE-UHP-10 3/8’’ 9.50 16.00 64 43000 430 175000 1750 PTFE-UHP-12 1/2’’ 12.70 19.50 74 42500 425 170000 1700 PTFE-UHP-15 5/8’’ 15.10 22.00

Resistoflex® offers solutions for resolving permeation issues

Size Hose I.D. Hose O.D. Min. Bend Radius Max. Working Pressure at 70 oF (21 C) Burst Pressure at 70 oF (21 C) Weight Lbs / Ft Inch DN Inch MM Inch MM Inch MM PSIG BAR PSIG BAR 1/2 15 0.510 13 0.970 24.6 0.500 12.7 785 54.1 3140 216.5 0.36 3/4 20 0.760 19.3 1.250 31.7 0.750 19 570 39.3 2280 157.2 0.49 1 25 1.025 26 1.560 39.6 1.000 25.4 350 24.1 1400 96.5 0.63 1-1/2 40 1.525 38.7 2.240 …

SAE 100R14 PTFE Lined Hydraulic Hose for Super High Temp

SAE 100R14 Type A PTFE hydraulic hose consists polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) inner tube and 303×× series stainless steel wire reinforced cover. PTFE tube is ideal for transferring super high and low temperature hydraulic fluids within -65°F to +400°F. Stainless steel wire braid will not be affected harsh environments including damp environment, oils, chemicals, abrasions and all weathers

Introducing a new standard in PTFE hoses

Reduced, smooth bore PTFE hose Non-conductive (non-dissipating) PTFE hose r Part nuer Hose ID Hose OD Working pressure Minimun burst Minimum bend radius mm in mm in bar psi bar psi mm in EN-4TW 4.80 0.19 7.90 0.31 207 3,000 828 12,000 50 2.0 EN-5TW 6.40 0.25 9.80 0.39 207 3,000 828 12,000 75 3.0 EN-6TW 8.00 0.31 11.60 0.46 172 2,500 688

Parker Polyflex PTFE Hoses

Unique properties of PTFE • Inert to virtually all chemicals • Applicable from -70 °C up to +232 °C (depending on hose type) • Minimizes pressure drop and deposits on hose inner surface, easy to clean • Convoluted designs have excellent bend radius properties • Low tendency to hydrolysis • Unlimited shelf life of bulk hose


Inside Diameter inch (mm) 1/4 (6.35) 3/8 (9.53) 1/2 (12.70) 3/4 (19.05) 1 (25.40) 1 1/4 (31.75) 1 1/2 (38.10) 2 (50.80) Working Pressure psi (bar) Dynamic Bend Radius inch (mm) Working Pressure psi (bar) Dynamic Bend Radius inch (mm) Working Pressure psi (bar) Dynamic Bend Radius inch (mm) Working Pressure psi (bar) Dynamic Bend Radius

Convoluted PTFE Hose - 939/939B | Australia & New Zealand

The Parker 939/939B series convoluted PTFE hoses feature superior flexibility and kink resistance for successful operation in chemical transfer, high temperature hydraulics, and hose appliions that require tight routings. In addition, the flexible capabilities of the hose allow for an improved bend radius than a 919/919B hose for simplified

PTFE Hoses - Uniflex

PTFE Hoses SAE 100 R14. High Temperature Resistant Hose SAE 100 R14 Liner: Sintered tube of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Cover: One braid of SS 303/304 wire : Reinforcement: Two braids polyester fibre: Temperature Range – 60°C to +205°C: Insert: 1000 series: Ferrule: SN140 series: HOSE REFERENCE NOMINAL BORE DIAMETER NOMINAL OUTSIDE DIAMETER WORKING …

Fluid bellows & hoses Inc----bellows expansion joint,metal

PTFE CORRUGATED HOSE. Hose Construction Helically convoluted inner core made of natural PTFE certified in compliance with RoHS Directive and U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration''s (FDA) Regulation 21CFR 177.1550. Premium choice materials and advanced technology guarantee high flexibility and minimum porosiry.

Easyflex® - Kongsberg PTFE Hose | PTFE Hose Manufacturer

Min Bend Radius (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (psi) (bar) (psi) (bar) (mm) (in) TCEV7.1B01 TCEV7.1B01 1/4” EASYFLEX 7.1 0.28 0.5 0.0212.3 0.484 0.76 0.03 2,500 172 7,500 517 18 0.709 TCEV9.5B01 TCEV9.5B01 3/8” EASYFLEX 9.5 0.374 0.6 0.02414.75 0.76 0.03 2,000 138 6,000 414 20 0.787 TCEV12.8B01 TCEV12.8B01 1/2” EASYFLEX 12.83 0.505 0.6 0.02418.8 0.74 …


Inner liner is non-conductive - do not use with high velocity fluids and gases. A conductive tubed PTFE hose product is necessary. Features. Withstands continuous flexing/vibration or impulse. Easy to clean and sterilize and absorbs no moisture hot or cold. High flow rates with low coefficient of friction and anti-stiick properties. PTFE hose resists deterioration and is impervious to weather

Hose Bend Radius Essentials - Flexaust

14/1/2020· How to Calculate Bend Radius. The minimum bend radius formula is: L = A/360° x 2πr. The variables in this equation are defined as: L: The minimum length of the hose that needs to bend; A: The angle of the bend; r: The bend radius of the hose; π: 3.14; Using this formula, the minimum required length of a hose can be determined for any

PTFE Tubing Properties - PTFE Tube Supplies!

Minimum bending radius. Minimum bending radius of PTFE Thin Wall Tubing depends on many factors; most important are: dimension, working temperature, applied pressure and pressure fluctuations; of lesser importance the nature of fluid conveyed. Roughly the minimum bending radius (at 20°C-68°F) depends on OD and wall thickness. If wall thickness is 1 mm it can be considered: Rmin mm = 9 to 11

Polyhose - Hoses - PTFE Hose Distributor / Channel Partner

P.T.F.E hose PH 179 has an excellent temperature characteristics both in high and low temperature, excellent chemical resistance, non contamination properties, low coefficient of friction and resists deterioration. Therefore the hose is used generally in appliions where all are one of the above properties is the main criteria. Specifiions of PTFE Hose

PTFE hoses - HydraSpecma

The PTFE hose is well suited for demanding installations and toughconditions. The standard hosehas a stainless steel braid in AISI304. As an option it can be supplied with glassfibre braid between hose and SS braid in order to manage abrasion better when the hose is bending a lot. Temperature range -60°C - +260°C. A wide range of fittings can

brands you trust. - HiTech

Nominal Size Hose ID Hose OD Bend Radius Max. Working Pressure at 70 oF (21 C) Burst Pressure at 70oF (21oC) Weight Lbs/ Feet Inch DN Inch MM Inch MM Inch MM PSIG BAR PSIG BAR 3/8 10 0.360 9.1 0.568 14.4 2 50.8 1425 98.2 5700 393.0 CF* 1/2 15 0.470 11.9 0.748 19 2 50.8 1425 98.2 5700 393.0 .20 3/4 20 0.720 18.3 1.048 26.6 2.75 69.9 1300 89.6


ptfe hose. custom sizes and other coupling capabilities available on all hoses. to place an order or speak with a crp representative, call 526-4066. minimum dynamic minimum rp partc # of nominal i.d. nominal o.d. bend radius working burst weight maximum temperature nuer colors braids inches (mm) inches (mm)

Hydraulics – ALFAGOMMA

HOSE. Standard rubber and thermoplastic hose range compliant with international standards. Special proprietary range exceeding international standards pressure, impulse, bend radius, abrasion and temperature requirements. Textile Braid Hose: from 6 mm to 51 mm ; Wire Braid Hose: from 5 mm to 102 mm ; Wire Spiral Hose: from 6 mm to 76 mm


- For Bend Radius Page 16 - For Abrasion The Hyperline name is applied to Aflex PTFE hose products which have an oversize bore, to enable assely with standard Hydraulic End Fittings. In most cases, these sizes are the same as the conventional “dash” hose size range, as indied in the specifiions. SPECIFIIONS and SIZE RANGES - Pg''s 5 & 6 SW, HW & MW Single Braid (SB) Hose

Standard & High Pressure Smooth Bore PTFE Hose

Smooth Bore PTFE hose offers low volumetric expansion at maximum operating pressure making it ideal for pressure systems such as brake, clutch, power steering, gearbox and suspension hydraulics. Low expansion provides a more positive brake pedal with less travel. It is able to operate at high pressure and temperature while remaining robust and flexible.

Aflex Hose - Sizes, Grades, Bend Radii & Dimensions

12 rows· Nominal Hose Bore Size Bore Inside Convolutions Corroflon Grade (Braid & Cover) PTFE Liner Tube Wall Thickness O/D of Tube, Braid or Rubber Minimum Bend Radius * Maximum Continuous Hose Length; in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm Feet Metres; 1 / 2: 15: 0.440: 11.2: TO SS PB SS,RC RC,SI KYB: 0.05: 1.4: 0.63 0.70 0.80 0.90 0.90 0.76: 16.1 17.8 20.4 22

Eaton Aeroquip Teflon Hose 4-Spiral Reinforced

AE313 hose overlaid with a braided cover of tough polyester yarn Operating Temperature Range: -65ºF to +300ºF (-54ºC to +150ºC) Dash Size O.D T. ube Size inches (mm) Hose I.D. Min. inches (mm) Hose O.D. Max. inches (mm) Maximum Operating Pressure psi (bar) Proof Pressure psi (bar) Minimum Burst Pressure psi (bar) Minimum Bend Radius inches

What is a Bend Radius, and What is the Minimum Bend Radius

13/11/2019· The minimum bend radius of hose will be different based on numerous factors. For instance, the three layers a hydraulic hose is constructed of – the core, reinforcement, and cover – will be important in determining the minimum diameter at which it can bend. Whether the hose has spirals or braids and how many layers of wire it features can also impact its bend radius. As an example of how

Manufacturers of PTFE/Teflon Hoses with Pipe Nipples, Bend

6/3/2018· Metline is a manufacturer and professional supplier of PTFE (Teflon) Hose with Nipple or Pipe End, 90 Degree Bend, Elbow as End Connections. We can offer PTFE hose with Nipple or Pipe End, 90 Degree Bend, Elbow in a variety of configurations such as Smooth Bore or Convoluted Type, with stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316 wire braiding.

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