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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

6inch concrete pipe vault

03100 Precast Concrete Vaults

1. All vaults shall be equipped with vents as shown on the drawings. 2. Vents shall be constructed from 6 inch C-900 PVC pipe and fittings. Fittings shall be socket welded type. 3. Each vault shall have 2 vents, one upper and one lower. The exhaust fan shall discharge into the bottom vent. 4. Exhaust Fan shall be ILG Industries, Inc. Model PV

Highlights Vaults are guaranteed for one full year.

Below Grade Concrete Vault Appliion - approximate mainline pipe bury depth _____ (ft or m) The 6-inch thick, high-strength, 5,000 psi reinforced concrete exterior is available with a high-quality enamel finish. The rust-proof exterior will hold up in salt water and harsh environments. Accurately aligned, valve piping is secured to the vault with floor support anchors and wall anchors

Protective Coatings for Underground Utility Concrete

Concrete drainage vault before rehabilitation After completion of surface preparation, stop all active leaks. A water stop material or Hydro-active Polyurethane injection grout can be utilized to stop active leaks in the structures. Hydraulic setting cement is rapid setting and easily applied by hand for sealing active water leaks and small voids. For larger active leaks through cracks, voids

Civil Engineering CAD Details

concrete pipe ~ 0 coination air vacuum release valve metal strap g.i.p union - 0 _-+---t--copper pipe angle stop corporation stop o ~0-concrete block \"~ - copper pipe water main notes: 1. air-releaseand valve asselies shall be installed at points. the breather tube shall extend above ground provided with downward facing, screened elbow. 2. pipe and valve sizes shall be specified foreach

CONCRETE PIPE - Lafarge Canada

CONCRETE PIPE Dimensions 2 Pipe Class Estimation Table 3 Standard Installation Beddings 4 Concrete Pipe Design Methods 5 Curved Alignment / Bends 6 Flared Ends / Outfalls 7 T-Riser Manholes 8 Jacking Pipe 9 Microtunneling Pipe 10 BOX CULVERT 12 CH BASINS 14 MANHOLES Type 5A Manholes 16 Estimating Guide 18 Check Valve Manholes 19 1S Manhole/Life Station 20 1S Manhole - Pipe …

Vault repair provides insights - Concrete Construction

grade concrete vaults that house the valves and pumps for piping that transfers fuel to the airfield. The pri-mary path of infiltration occurred around pipe penetrations and through cracks in the walls. After entering the vaults, the water flowed to a central collection basin through underground gravity drainpipes. Al-though officials were uncertain if the water was contami-nated before

PRICE LIST - Con Cast Pipe

Concrete Pipe Approximate Mass & Dimensions INSIDE DIA. OUTSIDE DIA. WALL THICKNESS LAY LENGTH MASS PER PIECE TRUCKLOAD LOTS (mm) (mm) (mm) (m) (kg) (pcs)* 300 444.5 69.9 2.44 550 74 375 533.4 76.2 2.44 746 54 450 622.3 82.6 2.44 930 44 525 711.2 88.9 2.44 1140 35 600 800.1 95.3 2.44 1410 29 675 889.0 101.6 2.44 1680 24 750 977.9 108.0 2.44 1905 21 825 1066.8 114.3 …

Underground Utility Vaults - National Precast Concrete

Panel Vaults. Light Pole Bases, and more. Precast concrete underground utility structures are a perfect example of value-added engineering. Utility equipment and accessory items such as racks, ladders, hatches, frames, covers or climate control units can all be preinstalled saving a considerable amount of time and money on your next underground


Utility Vault W-0700 Ventilation Duct for Vaults W-0705 Standard Restraint Tee, Dead End, Bend (for P.V.C. C-900) W-0710 Loor Wire Installation W-0720 Anode Test Station Installation Detail W-0800 Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Detail W-0810 Insulating Flange Detail W-0820 Magnesium Anode Detail W-0830 Alumino – Thermic Weld Detail (page 1 of 2) W-0840p1 Alumino – Thermic Weld

STANDARD DRAWINGS Appliion of Standard Drawings

long iron pipe. 2. All monuments shall be in accordance with the Oregon Revised Statutes Chapters 92 and 209. 3. Monument box shall be set within a 6 inch wide, round collar of 5,000 psi, high-early Portland Cement Concrete. 4. Place 3 - 2"x2" spacers, cut from 2" concrete patio block, evenly spaced to match finish grade. 5. For post

About Us | Aroosta Cast, Inc. | Northern Maine Precast

We provide high-quality and cost-effective, commercial, municipal, and residential concrete products such as retaining walls, septic tanks, manholes, ch basins, burial vaults, and steps as well as specialty precast concrete products - delivered on time. Contact us Monday through Friday at (207) 764-0077 or use the link below to contact us.


D. Riser Pipe. 1. Provide 6-inch PVC, SDR 26, riser pipes in accordance with Section 02506 - Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe. 2. Provide single section of pipe. CITY OF TOALL VALVE BOXES, METER BOXES, STANDARD SPECIFIION AND METER VAULTS 02085-3 09-08-2009 E. Concrete for valve box placement: 1. For loions in new concrete pavement, provide strength and mix design of new …


The next step of manufacturing a ConVault tank is to encase the tank in a six (6) inch thick reinforced concrete vault. Simply put, the six (6) inches of concrete is poured on all sides bottom and top of the tank in one step and hence the phrase "monolithic". This process assures that there are no joints and no heat sinks in the concrete to carry heat from a fire into the primary containment

Precast Concrete Panel Vaults | Rogue Valley Precast

The versatility of vaults makes them a popular solution for many buried infrastructure needs. However, there are situations where a standard-sized vault can’t be delivered to the job site or easily installed. That’s why the ability to use precast concrete wall panels is a handy solution. Lighter than one piece vaults, precast panel vaults

Concrete Pipe | Oldcastle Infrastructure

Precast concrete pipe can be used in virtually any project where storm water, waste water, telecommuniions or electrical cabling is contained or managed. Our concrete pipe is designed to meet ASTM C-76, ASTM C-443, AASHTO M170, and APWA specifiions.

6''x8'' Water Meter Vault | Oldcastle Infrastructure

19/10/2018· Oldcastle Infrastructure concrete meter vaults provide superior durability and are the ideal heavy-duty solution for commercial and industrial appliions as well as residential. Environmentally friendly, convenient, and naturally fire resistant, they are ideal for projects that require monitoring water usage in a particular system access. Various sizes and shapes are available with or

CalcTool: Gravity-fed pipe flow calculator

This calc is mainly for pipes full with water at aient temperature and under turbulent flow. If you know the slope rather than the pipe length and drop, then enter "1" in "Length" and enter the slope in "Drop". If the cunduit is not a full circular pipe, but you know the hydraulic radius, then enter (Rh×4) in "Diameter". Typical values of the roughness (friction loss) coefficient include

Water Meter Vaults - Foley Products - Concrete Pipe and

A precast vault offers superior protection over other vault options. Standard forms: 4’ x 6’ 6’ x 6’ 6’ x 8’ 5’ x 10’ 6’ x 12’ 8’ x 8’ Custom sizes and configurations available as needed. In addition, Foley Products Company offers delivery and placement of meter vaults. Water Meter Vaults Cut-Sheet. Water Meter Vault Complete Download. Accessories: EJ – wide selection

Standard Sewer Detail Drawings

S-17 Aerial Pipe Crossing Concrete Pier on Bedrock S-18 Aerial Pipe Crossing Casing Pipe S-19 Aerial Pipe Crossing Concrete Support S-20 Standard Pre-cast Sanitary Sewer Manhole S-21 Extended Bases or Cast-in-Place Reinforced Concrete Base S-22 Standard …

Concrete Vaults - Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co.

29/11/2017· Consolidated Pipe offers a complete line of utility vaults. We offer vaults ranging from a 5/8 by 3/4 multi-meter vault, to a large-meter vault, to fire-line vaults, to whatever your need may be. Our in-house team and concrete vault operation can design and build meter pits, altitude asselies, or any special appliion you might need for your project. Contact your local salesperson for more


6 inch 12Y 12 inch 8 inch 12M 12 inch 10 inch 16Y 16 inch 12 inch 16M 16 inch 2) Pipe on slopes greater than 20 percent but no greater than 35 percent: a) Atlantic Concrete Products Z-LOK. b) Or equal. h. Other pipe connectors: Recommended by pipe manufacturer and approved by Engineer. 7. Precast Channels/Benches: a. Compressive design strength of concrete: 1) Minimum 28 day compressive

02520-Valve Boxes, Meter Boxes, and Meter Vaults

C Provide 6-inch PVC, Class 150, DR 18, riser pipes. D Concrete for valve box placement: 1. For loions in new concrete pavement, use strength and mix design of new pavement. 2. For other loions, use class "A" concrete, with minimum compressive strength of 3000 psi, conforming to requirements of Section 03300 – Cast-in-Place Concrete. 2.02 METER BOXES A Refer to City of …

Utility Vault Products - PreCast Supplies

For concrete utility vaults, M.A. Industries manufactures an extensive line of quality products

Vaults - Inland - Lehigh Hanson

Vaults. Square vaults are manufactured in sizes 1.2m x 1.2m to 2.8 x 2.8m in internal span. Vaults typically come in standard heights, and vault risers can be provided to accommodate higher pipe elevation differences, weir walls or special equipment. Vault sections can also be made shorter than the standard height to house shallower pipe

Precast Concrete Custom Vaults - Forterra

Forterra Precast Concrete Custom Vaults are pre-asseled and tested underground utility structures. Virtually any coination of valves, meters and piping can be pre-asseled within a secure, highly durable precast vault. With the entire production process closely monitored inside a National Precast Concrete Association Certified Plant

Teichert Precast - Jensen Precast - Precast Concrete

Products you depend upon - Precast concrete has been Jensen Precast''s only business since 1968. So you can be assured that it is also the business to which we devote all of our attention. We are committed to not only maintaining, but expanding and improving Teichert Precast''s sewer and storm drain product line, as well as their utility vault and pull box line.

Precast Concrete Vaults Designs and Uses | Coluia

6/11/2018· Precast Concrete Vault Designs. Sizes and shapes of concrete vaults are as varied as their uses. Standard sizes for various appliions are as follows: Communiions: lengths from 5 to 10 feet, widths from 4 to 24 feet. Electrical: from 2 to 8 feet long and 2 to 14 feet wide. Water Retention: 5,000 to 13,000-gallon capacity with lengths from

Burial Vaults | Civilmart

Our Triple Burial Vaults comprise of: – Base – Divider – Increment – Cover Slab Add to Quote More info; Search products: Go. Stormwater & Drainage (139) Reinforced Concrete Pipes (3) Box Culverts (14) Cast Iron Covers (9) Stormwater Chaers (3) Stormwater Grates (19) GRC Stormwater Pits (7) Concrete Headwalls (28) Junction Boxes & Grated Inlet Pits (14) Kerb Entry Units & Road Gully

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