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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

concrete pipe tap

Precast concrete solutions - Holcim

concrete pipe. This sacial layer is designed to ensure the pipe is structurally sound at the end of its design life. Humes offers a full range of concrete pipes and componentry to provide cost effective design solutions for the management of stormwater drainage. ecast concrete solutions8 Pr . Steel reinforced concrete pipes – jacking Humes has a comprehensive range of steel reinforced


Typical Pipe Bedding Vitrified Clay Pipe Extra Strength W-1010 Concrete Arch W-1020 Classes "BB", "B", "C" & "D" Beddings W-1030 Concrete Encasement W-1040 Sewer Lateral "Normal Cut" W-1050 Sewer Lateral "Deep Cut" W-1060 Precast Concrete Manhole W-1070 Sewer Precast Concrete Sampling Manhole W-1071 Drop Manhole W-1080 Sewer Clean Out & Terminus Manhole W-1090 …

Condron Concrete Works Concrete Pipe Brochure

I.S.6: Concrete Sewer Pipe This specifiion deals with the manufacture and properties of flexible jointed concrete pipes and fittings, either reinforced with steel or unreinforced, intended to be used for the conveyance of sewage, or sewage and surface water at atmospheric pressure. These test requirements may be found in I.S. 6: 2004 and are to be used in conjunction with ISEN 1916: 2004

PreStressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Installation

Tap diameters commonly range from NPS ³⁄₄ (DN 20) up to one size smaller than the pipe being tapped. For full size branch connections, a cut-in tee arrangement or a line stopping process may be feasible. The tapping saddle assely used must be properly designed to work with PCCP.

Pipe & Pluing Fittings - Bunnings Australia

Holman 15mm x 3m Class 18 PVC Pressure Pipe. (2) $7 .10. Add To Cart. Compare. Vinidex 32mm x 3m Metric Polyethylene Pipe. (1) $19 .90. Add To Cart.

Wall / Tank / Concrete Vessel / Cylinder Tapping Services

25/1/2017· Tap Sizes: Our wall tapping asselies are used for hot tapping onto concrete walls, concrete storage tanks, and large diameter concrete conduits, where a backing draw plate is impractical. We manufacture any size contour to match your needs, with any size outlet through 120", in 125, 150, and 300 lb. classes. The body is fabried from carbon steel and is available in shop coat …

Concrete pipe reference manual - Holcim

Concrete pipe reference manual 3 1. Introduction 1. Introduction This publiion provides the information necessary to specify Humes concrete pipes for all of these appliions. Manufacturing Humes steel reinforced concrete pipes are made from coarse and fine aggregates, cement and hard drawn deformed steel reinforcement. They are manufactured and factory tested for quality to AS/NZS …

FTS 435 Tapping Sleeve for Concrete Pipe

FTS 435 Tapping Sleeve for Concrete Pipe Step 1 • Clean the pipe in the area where the tapping sleeve is to be installed. Remove all irregularities that are above the contour of the pipe. Step 3 • Install the body of the tapping sleeve on the pipe with the grout horns up. The outer neck should be centered over the bared cylinder. Step 4 • Install the straps and tighten the bolts until


d-11 thrust restraint concrete thrust block details d-12 thrust restraint restrained joint pipe d-13 precast valve basin for pipes up to 16-inch diameter d-14 brick masonry valve basin d-16 typical 1-inch to 2-inch water service d-18 casing pipe under railroad track detail d-19 (1 of 2) water mains crossing over sewers and house drains d-19 (2 of 2) water mains crossing under sewers and house

Standard Water Detail Drawings

pipe 1''-0" typ 1''-0" typ. city of raleigh department of public utilities standard concrete pavement patch detail dwg. no.revisions date revisions date w-1 rrh 3-31-00 notes: 1. see city of raleigh standards for trenches and pipe bedding w-3 for additional details 2. pavement cuts within ncdot row shall conform to the approved on site

Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) - Forterra

The pipe’s concrete and steel wall is prestressed with steel wire to provide more than sufficient strength to withstand the pressure requirements. The rigid wall fully supports the external forces of the surrounding earth. PCCP is the only piping material that is designed for the coination of internal pressure and external loads. Corrosion Protection - PCCP provides built-in corrosion

Procedures for Cutting and Handling of Asbestos Cement

Prior to installation, the new pipe component must be cleaned and disinfected by swabbing, spraying, or washing down with a 1% chlorine and water solution. 9. Install pipes, fittings, and couplings (as per City of Richmond''s Construction Specifiions) necessary to complete the job, taking care to avoid abrasions to the AC pipe. Keep the AC pipe moist during the work process. 10. Open the

JCM 415 Tapping Sleeve for Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe

safe taps on Concrete Pressure Pipe. Designed to meet the AWWA M-9 Manual, the JCM 415 is the leading sleeve preferred by PCCP tapping contractors. These fabried tapping sleeves are designed to reinforce the pipe and provide for easy installation with maximum safety factor. There are many unique features as well as options available on these sleeves. Unique to these sleeves are the

Moving loion of water mains stop tap - concrete floor

4/6/2015· Moving loion of water mains stop tap - concrete floor. Discussion in ''Pluers'' Talk'' started by Pilkinb, Jun 3, 2015. Pilkinb New Meer. I will be knocking down a wall between my kitchen and garage to enlarge my kitchen. Unfortunately the water main comes up through the garage floor and the stop tap is loed on the wall I will be removing. The current loion will put the stop tap in

Branching Fittings, Service Saddles & Tapping Sleeves

19/7/2021· Use of service saddles eliminate problems common to direct taps, such as leaking threads or split pipe and they reinforce the critical connection. JCM Service Saddles are designed for maximum safety and performance with wrap around design, wide skirt and wide straps to support and reinforce the pipe while providing excellent stability to the saddle. JCM Tapping Sleeves place design emphasis on

Hot & Cold Tapping Pipeline Services Singapore | Pipeline

Pipe diameter: Up to 48”. Pipe medium: Water, oil based solvent, gas, steam, wastewater and fuel (Cold-Tap) Maximum operating pressure: 1,440 psi. Maximum operating temperature: 300°C. Reliable- over a decade of experience in hot tapping services for clients in …


Reinforced Concrete Pipe: Unless amended on the construction drawings or elsewhere in these specifiions, all sanitary sewer pipe 18-inch in diameter and larger may be reinforced concrete pipe, Class IV minimum, manufactured with "C" thickness, and conforming to Standard Specifiion for Reinforced Concrete, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe, ASTM C-76 and with the following modifiions

Pipeline Services - Pipe Engineering, Tapping and Repair

14/8/2017· Hot, dry and emergency taps provided for all water and sewer pipes. PIPELINE INSPECTION We inspect the uninspected. Visual pipeline inspections identify joint types,damage, and repair options. Services: Joint inspection; Concrete pipe mortar inspection; Examination of prestressing wires; Internal inspection during line shutdowns; Sampling of lining, joints and steel; A comprehensive …

US3338601A - Tapping saddle for prestressed concrete pipe

The method of tapping a conventional prestressed pipe havingr longitudinally spaced tensioned steel coils around it, said method comprising removing from a limited pipe area, Where a tap is to be made, the protective layer of concrete to expose tensioned coil portions, positioning a saddle plate over said exposed coil portions, said -saddle plate having a Window therethrough giving ,accessto

ecoRain® - Rocla

ecoRain®. The Rocla ecoRain® rainwater utilisation system is more than a rainwater tank. It’s a complete, self-contained water supply system that harvests rainwater for daily use. Rainwater is collected from the roof, stored out of sight in an underground concrete tank, then pumped back to garden taps, toilets and laundry.

Connecting PVC pipe to existing storm sewer - not in a

21/3/2009· Consult a concrete pipe manufacturer. Furnish and install one (1) 18" x 12" saddle, complete as specified, each. Furnish and install one (1) tap into existing 18" RCP storm sewer, complete as specified. Differential settlement is possible with a mortar joint; settlement may result in the pipe being sheared or cracked at the connection. Inserta-tee or saddle connectors that are available


concrete 6" sewer service clean-out not to scale s-0005 oct. 2014 1 revision notes: 1. place clean out within 5 feet of house foundation. 2. clean out shall be accessible at all times. 3. 6" min. layer of 3 4" crushed stone 12" in ledge. 4. flush mount bolt-down box acceptable upon specific approval by dpw. min. trench width (see table) 4" for 12"-24" pipe 6" for 30"-60" pipe 6" min. cover to

Concrete pipe tap | ICS

Concrete pipe tap. While ICS® concrete chain power cutters won’t cut round circles, they can easily make 8-sided cuts, providing quick, tight fitting joints for concrete pipe taps. With proper technique, gaps of less than 1” (2.5 cm) are easily achievable, requiring very little patchwork. The same job with a cut-off saw takes longer, results in overcuts, and requires the use of

Bar Wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe | BWP AWWA C303 - Forterra

Bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe is manufactured in accordance with AWWA C303 standard and is designed in accordance with AWWA Manual M9. C303 pipe is manufactured using welded steel cylinder with sized, welded steel joint rings attached. The pipe interior is lined with centrifugally applied mortar or concrete lining. A steel bar is helically wound tightly around the outside of the cylinder

Concrete Pipe Cutting - NSK Europe

Appliion: Concrete Pipe Cutting Cost Savings: 38,400 euros Introduction A customer was experiencing repeated bearing failure every 2-3 months, on the blade support of a concrete pipe slotting machine, with 8 hours downtime per failure. NSK Engineers examined the appliion and determined that ingress of concrete dust was causing premature failure of the bearings. NSK recommended …

Understanding and Making Successful Wet Taps

Wet taps involve the process of connecting a new pipe to an existing pipe installation without having to interrupt the service at any point. The process is different depending upon a nuer of different factors. In most installations, a tapping sleeve is used to cover the existing pipe that is about to be tapped and have new pipe added on to it. The tapping valve will then be connected to the

Hot Tapping | EA Tapping Services

In addition to carbon steel, we commonly tap cement lined pipe, asbestos cement, transite, cast iron, stainless steel and other alloys, plastic and fiberglass. Although we tap these materials frequently, additional information such as the thickness and composition of linings, hardness of alloys, or type of fitting and valve through which we will be operating may be needed to insure that proper

Mechanical Hot Tapping Machines | Reed Manufacturing

Features. Hot tap steel, galvanized, copper, brass or aluminum pipe for installing branch connections from 3/4” to 4” valves. Pressure rated 300 psi for aient temperatures or 15 psi for steam systems. Eliminates the need to shut down, drain, cut, refit and refill piping systems. Watertight seal to …

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